Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 Saw Lowest Number Of Terror Attacks In Israel In A Decade--Care To Guess How Many?

Let's see how close you were.

There were only 798 terrorist attacks on Israel this year:
The Shin Bet revealed Thursday that 2010 saw the lowest number of terror attacks and terror victims in a decade.

Since January, nine civilians and soldiers have been killed in 798 terror-related incidents in Israel and the territories, compared with 15 deaths in 1,354 incidents in 2009.

The security agency said the highest number of terror-related deaths was recorded in 2002, when 452 Israelis were killed. Since 2005 the number of terror-related deaths gradually declined.

According to the data, terror attacks have claimed the lives of 1,187 Israelis in the past decade; 8,050 Israelis were injured in terror attacks over the past 10 years.
In case you were wondering: 798 terrorist attacks comes out to
66.5 terrorist attacks in Israel each month
2.2 terrorists attacks every day.

The headline of this YnetNews article reads: Shin Bet: 2010 decade's calmest year


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