Monday, December 20, 2010

Sarkozy: No More Bowing In The Street!

French President Nicolas Sarkozy is taking a stand against the takeover of streets for Muslim prayer:
After his expulsions of gypsies and a crackdown on immigrant crime, the French President will warn that the overflow of Muslim faithful on to the streets at prayer time when mosques are packed to capacity risks undermining the French secular tradition separating state and religion.

...According to his aide, Mr Sarkozy agrees with the junior Le Pen that the street cannot be allowed to become "an extension of the mosque" as it does in some parts of Paris, which are closed to traffic because of the overflow of the faithful. Local authorities have declined to intervene, despite public complaints, because they are afraid of sparking riots.
Here is a video of what Sarkozy will be be speaking out against:

Part of Sarkozy's motivation for taking a stand is no doubt political--Marine Le Pen, the charismatic daughter Jean-Marie Le Pen, is the head of the National Front, and is an opponent of Sarkozy's, with the first round of the presidential elections coming up in 2012--her approval rating is at 33%, only 3 points behind Sarkozy.

Another indication of how free the Muslim community feels to express itself is this video of a Hezbollah rally in front of the Louvre Museum.

According to the YouTube description, here are some of the finer moments:
1:35 A banner proclaiming support for the Iraq resistance

2:08 You can see someone holding a photo of terrorist leader Hassan Nasrallah

2:50-3:30 - The ever present Arabic chant (heard at all these jihad demostrations) the genocidal Khaibar Khaibar ya yahud, jaish Muhammed sa-ya'ud--the chant reminding the Jews of Muhammad and his army's slaughter and mass beheading of the Jews of Khaibar, after they had surrendered.

2:55-2:50 - Jihadi taunting the police

6:10 - The "youths" burning an Israeli flag

6:48 - Burning another Israeli flag to shouts of Allah Akbar

It doesn't look like France may be that far behind England in appeasing the Islamists.
The question is--how far behind is the US?

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