Thursday, December 16, 2010

Times Are Tough: Iran Cuts Back On Aid To Hezbollah

New Jersey and Iran have something in common--the need to make cutbacks.

Of course, unlike NJ, Iran's economic problems--aside from Ahamadinejad's governing--stem to an extent from sanctions.

The other difference is that while Governor Christie has made teachers a target for cutbacks, Iran has targeted the Hezbollah terrorists for cutbacks:

Economic sanctions in Iran mean the Islamic republic had to cut funding for Hezbollah in Lebanon, Israeli intelligence assessments state.

Tehran cut its funding to Hezbollah by more than 40 percent in part because of pressure from international sanctions, The Jerusalem Post reports.

Iran usually gives Hezbollah about $1 billion per year in direct military aid that the Shiite resistance movement used to buy weapons and set up military positions in Lebanon, the report added.

According to intelligence reports, the budget cuts are coupled with tensions between top officials in Hezbollah and members of the elite Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps over key leadership issues.

Another difference between New Jersey and Iran is that NJ teachers are likely to be far more vocal than Hezbollah about those cuts.

Maybe it's time for Hezbollah to join a union?

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