Thursday, November 13, 2003

Have You Noticed That...

1. The media is liberal and presents news in a way that is slanted against the leader of the country and it's policies.

2. Citizens visit and show sympathy with foreign countries against whom we intended and carried out military action.

3. There is increased yelling and screaming by members of opposing parties.

4. Congress shows increasing partisan in-fighting and undermine political opponents.

5. Peace movements organize large protests against the government.

6. The country is viewed by other countries as a danger to world peace.

7. The country is threatened and attacked by terrorists.

8. Intellectuals and experts in history and political science stress the need to understand and sympathize with the roots of these militants.

9. The US military is now threatening to destroy the homes of Iraqi terrorists

Gee, the US is looking more and more like Israel each day...

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