Saturday, March 12, 2011

The Fogel Family Massacre--And the 123 Other Innocent Children Murdered By Palestinian Terrorists

The slaughter of people like this by Palestinians under the name of any national or for the purpose of revenge is unprecedented
Palestinian Minister of Foreign Affairs Riyad al-Malki on the Fogel Family Massacre
I'm reminded of Kobi Mandel (13), Yosef Ishran (14) and Shalhevet Pass (less than 1). Children and babies murdered by Palestinians.
Muqata on the Palestinian Massacre of the Fogel family
Dear Minister al-Malki, please allow me to jog your memory.

Keep in mind that since the following was posted in 2006, Palestinian terrorists have murdered even more innocent children:

The 123 Israeli Children Killed by Palestinian Terrorists

In October 2000, the Palestinian Arabs in Israel started a new war of terror against the Israeli nations. Terror attacks against Israeli civilians occured in every possible place in Israel.

In coffee shops and restaurants, On dozens of buses, In the middle of the street

Among the thousands of Israeli people who were murdered and injured, there were hundreds of children. Some of the attacks were deliberately intended against children and youth.

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B said...

Here's the graphic pictures of the Fogel family murder in Itamar:

If you want to save the pictures from the Israelnationalnews website to upload them and spread them around different blogs etc. the images will save as 'ResizeImg.aspx', but just rename with a '.jpg' extension instead of '.aspx'.

NormanF said...

We're expected to believe that if they get a state, the incitement against Jews and murderous violence carried out against them will come to a complete halt.

Yeah, sure.

They're so big on respect for their neighbors that they murder families asleep in their beds!

There will never be peace between Arab and Jew with that kind of genocidal mindset in evidence among the Arabs.

Lakewood Falling Down said...

Your posting needs no comments, and thankully is being linked to by others. May Hashem take care and avenge us.

daenjan1 said...

No offense, but where do u commemorate the deceised Palestine who were brutally killed during the Gaza war in 2008-2009?! U think they havent suffered ?! What us Palestines have witnessed beats every warcrime ever committed after WW2, I am not saying Holocaust was deserved, but this not give the Israelis a free pass to massacre my family in Palestine nor does this Justify the oppression of my fellow Palestines??!!

Daled Amos said...

You have no idea how unimpressed I am.

o You elect terrorists to head your government.

o Your government fires thousands of mortars and rockets at civilian targets for years.

o When Israel finally goes in to put a stop to it, your Hamas leaders disappear, hiding in a hospital basement--leaving Gazans without bunkers or any other protection.

You brought this upon yourselves, and it would be a novel experience if for once the Palestinian Arabs would stop their whining and take responsibility for their actions,instead of expecting others to clean up after them.