Monday, May 29, 2006

10 Links For Starting Off The Week

After I got to bed late last week after posting my list of links, my wife (Alpayim Amah?) threatened to revoke my computer privileges. Instead, I'm going to experiment with breaking it down to a few posts of a handful (or 2) of links during the week.

Here they are:

WestBankBlog is assembling posts from various bloggers in Israel on why they decided to make Aliyah. The deadline is May 31st, and they will be posted on June 1st. And of course, WestBankBlog is the place to go for this week's Haveil Havalim #71

The Muqata has a post on Secular Kids in Religious Schools, based on a meeting concerning the admissions policy of local mamlachti dati school. The meeting centered on the pros and cons of the school policy that "only families that are not mechalel shabbat publicly can send their kids to the school". He has a followup, dealing with comments left at the original post

Adloyada writes about the NATFHE boycott Israel and the petitions opposing it--and why she will not be signing them, as well as opposition from Nobel Prize winners.

A Simple Jew, highlights the artwork of Yefim Rudminsky. He was a brilliant architect, but after he died it was discovered he painted as well--now there is a debate as to which is his greater legacy.

The Astute Blogger
has a link to a 2 minute video of a children's carnival for Palestinians--which means children dressed up as and learning to be: terrorists.

Boker Tov, Boulder! writes about "Conspicuous Compassion" and how it has failed both Palestinians and drug addicts alike.

Elder of Ziyon writes about a "Liberation Day" rally in a Detroit suburb last Thursday night, that celebrated Israel's withdrawal from southern Lebanon--while the organizers claim they are loyal Americans who support Hezbollah, they seem to overlook the contradiction in terms.

Israel Matzav writes about more Kassam rockets landing in Israel--this time in an IDF base--and the prospects of getting protection for the kindergartens.

Israel Perspectives now has a gmail account--and actually read through the Terms of Sevice. He reports on Google's novel definition of Acts of G_d.

Rosh Chodesh Sivan is the anniversary of Jack Shack's Bar Mitzvah. He has some...random thoughts.

See also 10 links for Monday


Soccer Dad said...
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Jameel @ The Muqata said...

Hey D.A. -- Thanks for the links!

And a Shavua Tov, Chodesh tov to you as well.

(one minor point -- Jewish and Israeli blogs start the week on Sunday, "Yom Rishon" -- so your post could be "starting off the second day of the week..." ;-)