Wednesday, May 16, 2007

THE MEDIA USES THE 'C' WORD: Is the media ready to admit that Gaza is in the grip of a civil war?
Gaza was on the brink of civil war last night as violent clashes between Palestinian factions spiralled out of control.

...Neither faction has been able to enforce three separate ceasefires declared in as many days. Rare, high-level talks between Mr Abbas and Khaled Meshaal, Hamas’s exiled leader, failed to produce any results beyond a loose agreement that the violence should end.
The possibility of civil war and and the dissolving of the PA raises the possibility of Israel again assuming control of Gaza. But there is another possibility:
Some Palestinian analysts predict that a collapse of the Palestinian Authority would pave the way for Jordanian custodial rule in the West Bank and a similar arrangement for Egypt in Gaza.

“The message is the Palestinians cannot rule themselves. This fighting will only end if a third party takes over,” said Ibrahim Abrash, a political analyst in Gaza.

So instead of Jordan being recognized as the homeland for Palestinians, Gaza falls under Jordanian control.
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