Thursday, April 29, 2010

UNIFIL: "The Worlds Most Expensive Summer Camp"

Michael Rubin writes about the utter failure of UNIFIL to do what it was supposed to:
The rearming of Hezbollah -- to the point that, as Secretary Gates points out, they now have more missiles than most countries -- highlights the utter failure of the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon. What was a force of slightly less than 2,000 men, before the 2006 war, ballooned in the aftermath of the end of U.N. Security Council Resolution 1701 ending that war into more than 11,000 troops -- the budget for which, this year, is more than $500 million. Rather than maintain peace or prevent Hezbollah's rearmament, UNIFIL has become, in effect, the world's most expensive summer camp.

Not only has UNIFIL failed in its mission, but its continued presence in southern Lebanon has also transformed it into a human shield for Hezbollah. UNIFIL's deployment has convinced Hezbollah that they can rearm without consequence.
UNIFIL like the Goldstone Report has demonstrated to interested terrorists the world over what to do in order to be successful. The Goldstone Report fails to admit--let alone condemn--the use of human shields by Hamas, thus illustrating for all to see that using human shields is a perfectly acceptable--and successful--tactic. UNIFIL has gone a step further by showing its actual willingness to act as shields for Hizbollah.

This is a failure that the Goldstone Report and UNIFIL share--ultimately, both encourage terrorism.
This is not surprising, since both come from the UN.

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