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Arlene Kushner: John Kerry Incites Palestinians Against Israel

From Arlene Kushner:
November 8, 2013


I'm talking about John Kerry, and actually, he's crossed it twice.
I had no time to write today, with Levy Report work and a very early Shabbat. But I must write, ever so briefly, because people must know about this.
Yesterday, Kerry, who is here, gave a TV interview.  And this is what he said (emphasis added):
"The alternative to getting back to the talks is the potential of chaos. Does Israel want a third intifada?" 
I repeat: Does Israel want a third intifada?
This is a form of intimidation and blackmail: Israel, make additional concessions to the PA, or face the consequences of violence.

Not an acceptable way to talk to Israel.  Either we make concessions because it's good for us in terms of a deal to be struck, or we shouldn't make concessions. 
Violence? We'll have to brace for it if it comes, cope with it.  Make a lot of arrests, send out a lot of police and troops, and, who knows? maybe take aim at the heads of a few of the perpetrators of violence that threatens innocent Jewish life, so that people get the message not to fool with us.  (I speak for myself and not officially, of course.)
But folks, this is not the worst of what Kerry did. The interview was with Udi Segal, of Israel's channel 2 and also with Maher Shalabi, of Palestinian TV.
And so, what Kerry is also guilty of, besides intimidation and blackmail, is incitement.  He was speaking to a Palestinian Arab audience as well. And he was giving the nod to their being violent if they are not happy with the Israeli stance.

John Kerry
John Kerry: "Does Israel want a third intifada?"
Was he asking the Arabs? Credit: Bloomberg
Photo not from original article
This is the chief diplomatic officer of the United States of America? This is the despicable low to which the US has fallen?
The urgency in writing has to do with my sense that Americans who love Israel -- and I know you are legion! -- need to know what Kerry did. You are likely to be outraged along with me, 
Please!  translate that outrage into action.  Do not sit still for a secretary of state who speaks to Israel thus. To protest to the White House or State Department is pointless. 
Contact your representatives of Congress. Protest this in the strongest terms. DEMAND that intimidation of Israel stop.  Call for the firing of Kerry.  He doesn't qualify as dog catcher of Washington DC.

 And, please, share this posting absolutely as broadly as you can, encouraging others to also protest Kerry's behavior.
On the flip side of this vile behavior, we can see encouraging news.  Kerry is desperate or he wouldn't be speaking this way.  Pay no attention to his babble about how much progress has been made in just days.  He is not getting from Israel the concessions he is seeking.
What is more, he has now thoroughly and completely discredited himself with the Israeli government, which had no official comment.  I don't know this from official sources but understand it intuitively.  He is less likely now, not more likely, to have the leverage to convince our government of anything. One unnamed Israeli official called this, from Kerry, "a worrying and dangerous precedent."
I would say that, should Arab violence increase in the wake of this interview, any Jewish blood that is spilled would be on Kerry's hands. 
Let us stay strong, and hold fast to our rights.
Much more - in particular on Iran - coming soon.
Shabbat Shalom.
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