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Media Will Ignore Hamas Attacks On Israel, Until Israel Responds -- So Read This

Giora Eiland, IDF Major General, and former Israeli National Security Advisor, was interviewed on Israel's Reshet Bet radio show, about the overnight rocket Hamas rocket barrages from the Gaza Strip.

Eiland noted that Israel is working very hard to deescalate the situation, but if things do not calm down in the next few days, there will be no stopping an escalation -- and Israel would be forced to launch a major operation to stop the rocket fire.

Here is part of what he said:
“I assume it’s a matter of days for us to know if we succeeded [together with other parties] to create the required calm, or if not we will certainly be prepared to carry out a larger process than the [current] spontaneous responses... a hard/harsh Israeli action against Gaza would be accepted, maybe not with encouragement, but with great understanding in Washington and most places in the world...

Hamas knows this and therefore there is a structure of deterrence... [without deescalation] I estimate that there will be an Israeli action, or at least there will be a call for an Israeli action that is much more massive – like Operation Pillar of Defense maybe even bigger than it, in order to achieve a renewed deterrence for another period of a year or two.”

Gaza rockets being fired into Israel in 2012 Credit: Bruces Mideast Soundbites

Since the media tends to ignore writing about Hamas rocket attacks until Israel responds, here is a timeline of the escalation of Hamas attacks on Israeli civilians over the last 2 weeks:
  • June 15: Multiple rockets were fired at Israel from Gaza; two of which were intercepted by Iron Dome, meaning they were intended for civilian targets.

  • June 16: One rocket fired at Israel from Gaza.

  • June 18: Five rockets fired from Gaza; two hit the Sha’ar Hanagev Regional Council and one house was damaged by the explosions.

  • June 19: Two rockets fired at Israel; one intercepted by Iron Dome, one hit an open area near Sderot.

  • June 20: Four rockets fired at Israel; one hit an open area near Sderot, one intercepted by Iron Dome.

  • June 21: Three rockets fired at Israel; one hit the Sha’ar Hanagev Regional Council, one hit Hof Ashkelon Regional Council.

  • June 22: Terrorists fire two rockets from Gaza, both of which hit the Sha’ar Hanagev Regional Council.

  • June 24: Five rockets launched in Gaza at Israeli citizens; two intercepted by Iron Dome, one hit an open area in the Sha’ar Hanagev Regional Council.

  • June 27: Gaza terrorists fire five rockets at Israel in one hour; Iron Dome intercepted by two rockets.

  • June 28: At least two rockets fired; strike industrial factory in Sderot, resulting in a fire.

  • June 29: Hamas fighters launch at least 16 rockets; attacks are the first time since Nov 2012 Hamas units have openly been involved in barrages.

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