Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Why Does The Media Still Ignore Those Palestinians Killed And Maimed by Hamas?

During Israel's Operation Protective Edge, we all saw the enthusiasm of the media in publishing photos of dead Gazans and using Hamas numbers to report on how many were killed.

What about the side of the story that the media still has not reported on?

Khaled Abu Toameh notes Big Media Ignores Hamas's "Ugliest Crimes"
The Fatah leaders – members of the faction's Central Committee, a body dominated by supporters of Palestinian Authority [PA] President Mahmoud Abbas – accused Hamas militiamen of shooting dozens of their activists in the Gaza Strip in the legs and other parts of the body.

They accused Hamas militias of brutally beating other Fatah activists who, with Israel's help, were later transferred for medical treatment in West Bank hospitals.

Fatah's leaders also accused Hamas of placing some 300 of their members in the Gaza Strip under house arrest during the war and "endangering them and their families' lives by exposing them to Israeli airstrikes and shelling."

In addition to the clampdown on Fatah members, Hamas militiamen confiscated food and medicine sent to the Gaza Strip from the West Bank and some "friendly countries," the Fatah leaders disclosed. "Hamas distributed some of the aid among their men through mosques or sold it on the black market," they said.

The Fatah charges against Hamas did not surprise many Palestinians, especially those living in the Gaza Strip, who witnessed some of the assaults on the Fatah members.
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Fatah member Yusef Shaheen lies in hospital with both legs broken, courtesy of Hamas.
(Image source: Facebook)
Obviously, if Israel was responsible for these crimes, the media could be relied upon to post pictures and report on this all too quickly. But this is not about Israel -- it is about Hamas, recognized by many in the West as a terrorist group.

And so there is silence -- not only from the media, but from the self-described human rights activists as well.

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