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Kerry Claims He Knows What Israel-Palestinian Peace Agreement Looks Like -- Anything Like His Iran Deal?

So John Kerry sat down and had a conversation Professor Graham Allison
And I think you know what always perplexes me is, I mean, we’ve been through Oslo, Wye Plantation, Madrid, countless negotiations. Most people I talk to have a pretty damn good sense of exactly what has to be done and where it goes. It’s a question of making the judgments and having courage to go there. And so we’re not finished. We have another 16 months in this Administration, and I can assure you we’re going to stay engaged and continue to try to work through these issues, because there are options and there’s a better other side of the current conflict that we’re witnessing.
But while Kerry informs us that he is one of those who know exactly what has to be done, and what peace should look like, one really has to wonder.

Keep in mind that Kerry is coming off an "understanding" with Iran that is based on a variety of unilateral concessions that the US and the West have made to Iran.

Is that the kind of deal that Kerry sees Israel making with Abbas?

After all, like Iran, Abbas is not known for keeping his agreements. Just recently, Abbas conveniently found the Oslo Agreement to be null and void -- after pocketing the gains.

The troubling thing is that when you think about it, there are some questions that need to be asked of Kerry about what seems to feel are relevant to a lasting peace between Israel and the Palestinian Arabs -- and what isn't:
  • Is terrorist group Hamas going to be part of this peace deal? If not, is Abbas really going to go ahead with this. And will Hamas really just sit back and watch?

  • Speaking of Abbas, does Kerry's vision of a peace agreement really depend on Abbas, who is in the 11th year of his 4th year term as president of Palestine.

  • And does peace really include a peace partner who names stadiums after terrorists who kill Israeli civilians?

  • Under a peace agreement, will Abbas be required to stop spending millions on stipends for Palestinian terrorists in Israeli prisons?

  • Can Kerry point to any sign that Abbas has actually encouraged peace with Israel during all these years -- that would be helpful, no?

  • Even putting aside the current Palestinian terrorist attacks on Israelis, can Kerry point to any indication that the Arabs living in the West Bank want peace? Are there any polls that indicate a sizable majority view the idea favorably?

  • As mentioned earlier, is Israel really supposed to make those hard choices Kerry talks about for an agreement with someone who arbitrarily chooses to abrogate the Oslo Agreement that helped bring him to power null and void?
Just What Does John Kerry's Idea of Israel-Palestine Peace Look Like?
 Credit: Business Insider

Is Kerry just going to rush -- once again -- into an agreement where there is no foundation or preparation to ensure its success?

Or was the Iran Deal just practice for another huge concession to the Islamists?

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