Friday, October 07, 2016

Iran May Enjoy Holocaust Cartoons, But Here Is One Cartoon They Were Skittish About

At least that is how Iran felt 10 years ago, back in 2006.

Reuters reported at the time that Iran demands apology for German soccer cartoon:
The Iranian embassy in Germany has demanded a written apology from a Berlin newspaper that printed a cartoon of Iranian soccer players dressed as suicide bombers and threatened legal action if none is forthcoming.

The sketch, published on Friday by Der Tagesspiegel, shows four moustachioed soccer players wearing Iran shirts with explosives strapped to their chests next to four German soldiers in a soccer stadium.

A caption above read: "Why the German army should definitely be used during the soccer World Cup!", referring to a debate in Germany about whether to use troops to help with security during the month-long tournament which begins June 9.

Iranian soccer players wearing suicide belts in cartoon by Der Tagesspiegel

Ten years later, would the Iranian government still demand an apology?


In that same year, Iran demanded an apology from Hollywood for the film 300 because of the negative way they were characterized in comparison with the Greeks.

Then in 2008, Iran wasn't too crazy about the movie The Wrestler either -- on account of the scene below (starts 3:35) where "The Ayatollah" starts choking the main character with an Iranian flag, who then pulls the flagpole away, breaks it over his knee and tosses it into the crowd.

When Iran has its yearly cartoon contest mocking the Holocaust, Iran likes to claim that actually they are doing it in the spirit of free speech and debate. The movies may not fall into that category, but the issues raised by the cartoon about the threat of Islamist terrorist attacks were important in 2006.

And they are even more important today.
And Iran is still in the middle of it.

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