Tuesday, July 25, 2006

A Blogger's Dozen Links Early Tuesday Morning

Another day, another dozen links, including The Elder Tzedakah Challenge, a timely Dry Bones from 14 years ago, an Israeli version of Wife Swap, what it was like to be in a bomb shelter with Rav Kook, and "The Challenge of Creation."


Elder of Ziyon offers the Elder Tzedakah Challenge!

Elie's Expositions's daughter is coming home today from camp, and his family is laying odds on the arrival of Melvin.

El Rejunte.il (Spanish) links to a Dry Bones from 14 years ago that just goes to show you that some things never change.

Erica's Blog discovers it's easier to find Kismet with a newly-inherited gee-tar Spanish thingamajig than with Google.

Euphoric Reality writes about developments in the case of the Marines accused of murder in Hamdaniya, and contrasts how the US is treating her soldiers with how Israel treats hers.

Galilee This ties together Kohelet, Hizbollah and a hospital in Tzfat.

Greetings from the French Hill finds "Give Peace a Chance" playing on an unexpected station in Israel.

Ha-Mikdash writes about an Israeli version of Wife Swap that covers new ground.

The Hashmonean notes that over 100,000 civilians have been killed in Lebanon.

Heichal HaNegina writes about A Sleepless Night in a Bomb Shelter with Rabbi Kook

Hirhurim continues the remarks (started here) that he made at the launch of R. Natan Slifkin's new book, The Challenge of Creation

The Ignoble Experiment, aka Live Dangerously! has an idea for expanding the JBlogosphere--which she writes about here.

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