Sunday, July 23, 2006

Send TLC Packages To The IDF

from Teaneck Shuls list

In past years we have coordinated projects with the IDF's chaplaincy
department, whereby IDF supporters have been able to purchase and send TLC
packages containing food and other items to IDF soldiers serving on the front lines.

The IDF has told us that these programs have helped boost morale and provide
helpful and wanted food and personal care products to the soldiers.
We recently have been contacted by multiple sources within the IDF
chaplaincy asking us to once again create such a program in light of the growing
IDF activity on Israel's borders. The IDF is ready to begin distributing these
packages immediately.

Please follow this link to place your order and help our soldiers as they fight to protect our country and its citizens.

Dash Cham
Jerusalem, Israel
-Hillel Moskovits

See a list of ways to help at What We Can Do To Help Israel

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