Friday, July 14, 2006

Blogger's Dozen Links for Early Friday Morning

In this edition, find out about Ben Gurion's vision, Rebbe Nachman on war, how Bush cost France the World Cup, and how statements made over 115 years ago in the US apply to Israel today.


Please keep in mind the 3 soldiers kidnapped by Hamas and Hizbollah:

Gilad ben Aviva
Ehud ben Malka
Eldad ben Tova

Perspectives of a Nomad reveals just what Disney World’s “Mission: Space” ride at Epcot has accomplished--and why he still wants to go there.

Psycho Toddler's band will be playing next month in Milwaukee, and you're invited.

Rotemisms is reminded by the Shalit kidnapping of his experience in Gaza while with the infantry in October 1994.

SerandEz has updates on what a number of people are writing this Thursday.

Shiloh Musings writes about Ben Gurion--and his lack of vision.

A Simple Jew quotes Rebbe Nachman on War.

Simply Jews reveals how George Bush single-handedly caused France to lose the World Cup.

Six Kids and A Full Time Job ponders Orthodoxy in the Modern Business World

Smooth Stone celebrates his 3rd birthday. Mazel Tov!

Soccer Dad writes about US Ambassador to the UN John Bolton's undiplomatic diplomacy

Treppenwitz quotes some insights on Israel's situation from someone far, far removed.

Meryl Yourish has a media bias roundup Yee-haw!

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