Sunday, July 16, 2006

Haveil Havalim #78 Is Up!

This week, A Barbaric Yawp presents Haveil Havalim #78 featuring a wide assortment of links, especially pertaining to the current situation in Israel.

This weeks categories are:

  • Israel
  • Judaism
  • Politics
  • Miscellaneous

Next week, Life-of-Rubin will be hosting Haveil Havalim #79. You can e-mail him at lifeofrubin at gmail dot com.

Also, you can submit entries for Haveil Havalim using Conservative Cat's handy dandy submission form or the submission form over at BlogCarnival. You can also email Soccer Dad at dhgerstman at hotmail dot com.

Remember, that while the hosts and hostesses of Haveil Havalim do a wonderful job of editing and searching for interesting posts, they can't see everything. If you want a better chance of being included in Haveil Havalim please submit one or two posts for inclusion. (And please don't submit everything or nearly everything you posted in a week. Winnowing out your best posts takes time.)

Listed at the Truth Laid Bear Ubercarnival.

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