Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Arab Theologians Little Red Book On Jews And Israel

Chairman Mao, eat your heart out.

Brian of London first described this book, Arab Theologians On Jews And Israel, on IsraellyCool
There is a rather special little red book that researchers in the field of Muslim attitudes toward Jews have long known about and is owned by a few. As a tribute to the man who complied it, it will soon be available in full on the web and print on demand versions will follow for those interested in owning it.

It contains a series of photographically reproduced articles from a much larger 900 page tome published by al-Azhar University in Cairo. These are the proceedings of the Fourth Conference of the Academy of Islamic Research in September 1968
--and gave some background on David Littman, who has made this amazing little book available in English.

Among the items you'll find in this book:

Now read the book--

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Arab Theologians on Jews and Israel 4th Edition

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