Sunday, April 24, 2011

Palestinian Killing of Israeli at Tomb of Joseph Has a History

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Background on the killing, and on the Oslo agreement that should have prevented it are here:


My Right Word


The killing reminds some of the event that really stadted off the "Second Intifada"

Palestinian murdered his Israeli counterpart, Yosef Tabeja  

Lies Palestinians tell about the history of Joseph's Tomb and the city of Shechem 

Similarly,  Jewish antiquities destroyed by Arabs in Gaza 

Palestinians murdering Jews at Tomb of Joseph has a history:

Hillel Lieberman was murdered while trying to retrieve religjous items from Tomb of Joseph 

Corporal Madhat Yusuf murdered while trying to protect Tomb of Joseph 


Charles Krauthammer on the Desecration of Truth 

More details will be forthcoming, as will the excuses for the PA...

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