Thursday, April 14, 2011

Videos: BBC Bends Over Backwards To Lie For Hamas (Update: Jews Don't Count)

My Right Word notices that the BBC Credits Hamas:
In a BBC story of the kidnapping by presumed Salafists of an Italian dupe of the Palestinian cause, I caught this line:
Hamas has been credited with eliminating the threat of kidnapping in Gaza up to now.
Of course, no mention of who is crediting Hamas with being such sweethearts--other than the mainstream media itself.

Still, such a fabrication is astounding.

This June will mark 5 years that Gilad Shalit has been held hostage by Hamas terrorists, denied visitation by the Red Cross--in violation of international law.

And since the kidnapping of Gilad Shalit, Hamas has not hesitated to threaten more kidnappings.

Hamas even made these videos to drive home that point.

That video is from April 2009.

Last year, Hamas mocked the father of Gilad Shalit:
Fathi Hamad, a key Hamas figure involved in negotiations for Gilad Shalit's release has a three-year-old daughter who was transferred to Jordan for urgent medical treatment. Israel allowed the transfer on humanitarian grounds.
A defense establishment official explained that despite the unusual request and the fact that the girl's father is a Hamas man, Israel decided to approve the humanitarian move in order to save the girl's life.

The source added that it would have been wrong to turn down the request, despite the fact that Hamad is a senior Hamas member involved in the negotiations aimed at securing the release of kidnapped soldier Gilad Shalit.

And how did Hamas respond to the goodwill gesture? With a manipulative animated video depicting Gilad Shalit's return in a coffin to an old and gray father. The video ends with a renewed Hamas threat to kidnap more Israeli soldiers.

Sometimes, it's difficult to figure out who is more despicable--the terrorists or the media that bends over backwards--and lies--in order to defend them.

UPDATE: In all fairness to the BBC, they were not suggesting that Hamas had put an end to the threat of kidnapping in general--just the threat of kidnapping of foreigners inside Gaza itself.

Of course, the BBC claim is still not true, since as I linked to above--Hamas threatened to kidnap Israeli soldiers if they entered Gaza during Operation Cast Lead in 2009.

I'll leave it to the BBC to draw distinctions.

I hear they're good at that sort of thing.

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NormanF said...

Let's not count the irony of virulent Italian anti-Semite Vittorio Arrigoni being murdered by virulent Palestinian Salafist anti-Semites.

You can hate the Jews and Israel all you like but if you think it will spare you from being slaughtered by even more barbarian haters of the Jews, think again.

Its lost on the useful idiots and dupes who think the Palestinian Arabs deserve a state. At least its not Jews who are getting killed now.

Good riddance!