Sunday, April 17, 2011

Video: Palestinian Minister Says Murder Of Fogel Children Was An Obligation

This is from Arlene Kushner's post for today on capture of Palestinian terrorists who murdered Fogel family.
I am posting it separately as well because of the importance of the way the Palestinian Minister excuses the murder of children:
Dr. Aaron Lerner, Director of IMRA, placed a phone call today to S'ad Nimr, Minister of PA Detainees, and asked about PA policy with regard to the current PA demand for the release of all "detainees" (which includes all Palestinian Arabs in Israeli prisons for terrorist acts).

Asked Lerner, would the PA also demand the release of the two men just caught by Israeli authorities in connection with the murders in Itamar? Well, said Nimr, we don't know if the accusations are accurate. Assuming for the moment that they are, said Lerner, would the PA include these men in their demand that detainees be released?

Yes, replied Nimr. Palestinians have "a right" and "an obligation" to "resist the occupation."

Be very clear on this: a PA minister is justifying (as an "obligation") the brutal murder of children because of the "occupation."

This, of course, is no different from Hamas. Our "peace partners."

You can hear it all on Youtube. (Lerner's questions were not perfect in transmission, but the answers are quite clear.)

Kol hakavod (well done!) to Aaron Lerner on this.
Yes, replied Nimr. Palestinians have "a right" and "an obligation" to "resist the occupation."

No need to apologize, Nimr--just remember that when Israeli children are targeted by Palestinian terrorists, we have certain rights and obligations too.

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NormanF said...

It'll be business as usual again after the Pesach holiday.

You know, the vile barbarism of the murderers and the regime that exalts them must not be allowed to get in the way of Israeli surrender to them.

The Jewish sacrifices to the Arab Molech will continue unabated. Daniel Raphael Yflic was just the latest victim of the cowardice of Israel's leaders in the face of evil.

About which the Israeli government will continue to do nothing in the future.