Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Newark Mayor Cory Booker Gives A 'Dvar Torah'

I guess you don't have to be Jewish eat Levy's Rye Bread--or to give a Dvar Torah at Chabad in Newark.

Since I work at IDT in Newark, I have a passing interest in the Mayor and was curious when I saw a link to this.

See what you think.

If Booker decides to run for Governor, he'll give Christie a run for his money.

Hat tip: aspergers2mom

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Unknown said...

he seems to also be enabling equivalences between Islam and Judaism. Not sure that is the power of Chabad... and if it is... count me out. Anyone can claim to take inspiration from Abraham. Not everyone sees the light. Though I would have to say that Christie is not any better.

Daled Amos said...

Like you wrote, he is "another good speaker"--an excellent speaker who is likely to draw comparison with Obama.

If you look at the comments on the YouTube page, many are overwhelmed by his speech.

To be fair, considering his constituency in Newark--and the fact that after all, he is a politician--it was to be expected that he would draw the widest possible comparisons.

Moshe Sharon said...

Tornados, flooding, forest fires, runaway inflation, massive foreclosures, food shortages, record unemployment and gay marriage; aside from the fact that we are at war for our very survival against unseen enemies who are plotting who knows what. We have weather woes, fiscal firestorms and a public character plunging into moral chaos, while we worry about terrorists being among the thousands of illegal aliens pouring across the Mexican border every day; perhaps this is the perfect storm. America, the society that G-d has blessed with more power and wealth than the world has ever known, is facing enormous challenges on all fronts. Yet most of us seem to be living our lives still intact, thank G-d, so we need to look at all these unfortunate circumstances as a series of warnings. If you would ask what these warnings are about, take your pick. We have a social order that has clear distinctions between moral and legal. Immorality can be legal and the police can arrest people for doing the right thing. That is very different from living a Torah life where morality is the law.