Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Based On Past Experience, A Muslim May Have Burned Down That Mosque

A Palestinian mosque in the village of Jabaa was vandalized and partially set on fire early Tuesday morning, Israeli and Palestinian officials said, with both sides suspecting Israeli settlers of the attack.
CNN, Palestinian mosque burned in suspected settler attack, June 19, 2012

If Israelis were responsible for the burning of the mosque, then they should--and will--be held responsible.

By the same token, there is a possibility that the burning of the mosque was done by Muslims.
After all, Muslims have burned mosques before:

Issues of holiness are balanced against utilitarian concerns--after all, who can forget the case of the Muslims in Afghanistan who defaced the Koran in order to sell Heroin:
The Taliban are using pages torn from the Koran to package heroin sold on the streets by kids. ISAF forces operating in Souther Afghanistan found children with "pockets of heroin and wads of cash" according to USA Today's Gregg Zoroya. The heroin was packaged in ripped up pages from Islam's most holy document. The story also details how the Islamic radicals are using children, aged three and up, as human shields or to plant roadside bombs, as well as peddling drugs to help fund the insurgency.
Investigation of the evidence will indicate who is responsible for burning the mosque, but at this point--based on past history--we know that it is just as possible for a Muslim to have burned a mosque as for a non-Muslim

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