Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Charts Demonstrating The Variety Of Rockets Hamas Has And Their Range

I am posting this especially for those like the person who told me that Hamas had nothing to attack Israel with except rocks and home made rockets.

As the IDF Blog notes, Hamas’ Weapons Arsenal Continues to Grow:
  • Israeli civilians live under the constant threat of rocket fire emerging from Hamas terrorists in the Gaza Strip.

  • The Hamas weapons arsenal is growing. They have the new and advanced Iranian made Fajr-3, Katyusha’s/Grad’s, Anti-tank missiles, and Heavy Mortars.

  • The upgraded Grad rocket has a range that allows it to reach 30 miles within Israel.

  • Over the past 6 years, Hamas rocket fire has killed 44 innocent Israeli civilians and injured 1,687 Israelis.
Here are two charts illustrating the Hamas rocket ranges and the types of rockets held by Hamas:

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