Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Iran, Desperate To Popularize Their "Revolution" Fakes Interview With Morsi

Iran's FARS news agency featured quite a coup yesterday--it posted a 5-part interview with newly elected Egyptian president Mohammed Morsi.

Among other things, the headlines of the articles show that Iran and Egypt happen to see eye-to-eye on Israel, among other things:

Just one problem: Mohammed Morsi never had an interview with FARS.
The Iranians faked the interviews

According to IMRA, the FARS interview featured a recording with someone making believe they were Morsi:
Israel Radio reports that the office of President elect Mohammed Mursi denies he was interviewed by FARS NEWS AGENCY and that when one listens to what is claimed by FARS on their website to be a recording of the interview it is clearly a fake as the voice of the person being interviewed is not similar to Mursi's voice.
I suppose we can all sympathize with Iran, which likes to see itself as the new Muslim leader in the Middle East, but has had trouble finding countries willing to follow their lead.

If Iran is feeling so lonely for the company of like-minded Islamists, maybe instead of trying to pass of fake interviews of Mohammed Morsi, Iran should do the same thing they did with Khomeini:

Iranian soldiers commemorate Ayatollah Khomeini's triumphant return to Iran in 1979
 with a cardboard cutout.
That would seem to make sense, since all that Iran sees in Morsi and Egypt is a potential puppet anyway.

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