Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Hamas Admits: Hamas Rocket Backfire Kills Palestinian Child Hadeel Al-Haddad

Don't get stuck on stupid, reporters. We are moving forward. And don't confuse the people please. You are part of the public message. So help us get the message straight. And if you don't understand, maybe you'll confuse it to the people.
Lieutenant General Honore addressing reporters about New Orleans evac plan for Hurricane Rita

Usually, when the Palestinian Arabs blame Israel, you can count on the Media repeating the claim by Palestinian terrorists. Here pro-Palestinian apologist claim that Israel is responsible for the death of an Arab child: Hadeel Al-Haddad. 

The truth is that the viciousness of Palestinian terrorists, their carelessness and their disregard for Human life killed that child.

How do we know?

Because an Hamas official has admitted it:

Jon Donnison, BBC Gaza and West Bank Correspondent, reports:
Privately Hamas official in ‪#Gaza‬ tell BBC 2 year girl old was killed by misfiring of a rocket by Palestinian militants not by IDF airstrike
10-15% of rocket launch attempts from ‪Gaza‬ backfire.
Here it ended in the death of a Palestinian child.

Thanks to Jon Donnison, someone in the Media has gotten it right this time.
Now will the rest of the Media catch up?

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Hat tip: Challah Hu Akbar

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