Monday, June 18, 2012

Summary Of IDF Spokesperson's Update On The Overnight Terrorist Attacks

At 12pm Israel time, 5am EST, Avital Leibovich--the IDF Spokesperson--spoke on the record about the attacks on Israel overnight:

There were actually 2 separate terrorist attacks:

Overnight Egypt Attack

  • The terrorist attack took place on road #10 30km, south of Gaza
  • 2 vehicles of construction workers were driving along the road after 6am
  • 3 terrorists had crossed from the Egyptian side of the border and were hiding on the Israeli side
  • The terrorists opened fire with both RPG and Kalashnikov. RPG missed, but the Kalashnikov hit the car and flipped it over. One construction workers was killed.
  • When the Golani squad of the IDF arrived at the scene, the exchange of gunfire led to an explosion, which killed 2 of the terrorists. One of the terrorists had explosives strapped to himself. 2 bodies confirmed.
  • Both the road and 5 Israeli communities reopened, after having been closed for 5 hours.
  • The IDF ruled out 3rd terrorist on Israeli side
  • There were similarities to Aug 2011 attack:
    1. The terrorists used top quality gear, confirmed on the basis of what was left behind
    2. Part of the terrorist squad remained on the Egyptian side

Overnight Gaza Attack

  • At 4:50ET, there was a separate event. There were 2 terrorists in Beit Hanoun who were targeted by the IDF
  • There have been 282 rockets fired into Israel thus far in 2012
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