Monday, June 18, 2012

Latest On Terror Attack From Egypt, From Jewish Press Forum Page

The following is from the postings to the Forum on the Jewish Press website:
(Times are Israeli time, which is 7 hours ahead of EST)

At least one Israeli was killed so far in a terror attack from Egyptian Sinai. Terrorists crossed the border from Egypt.

IDF believes that an active terror cell may have infiltrated one of the towns, and they are going house to house to check.

Multiple terror cells infiltrated.

The cell that shot provided cover for second, larger terror cell to enter.

Residents told to stay inside.

IDF believes 3 terrorists are in Israel, preparing for terror attack.

Town of Kadesh Barnea in total lockdown more right now.

IDF is searching for the 3 terrorist in Southern Israel.

Israeli killed was contractor working on Security fence along border.

The attack began with a series of explosions. Believed to have been RPG fire and 2 bombs.

2 Terrorists killed so far.
At least 2 (or 3) still missing.

UPDATE: 3 Terrorists killed so far (believed to be Hamas).
Murdered contractor was Israeli-Arab.
Searches still going on in Kadesh Barnea.

Check the Jewish Press Forum page for more details as they develop.

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