Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Sharon and Madness

Ariel Sharon finally comes out and says flat out what we have suspected all along.

One of Arutz Sheva's articles today, "PM Sharon: We Are Committed to the Road Map," contains the following odd bit:

Addressing a nationally televised press conference, Mr. Sharon once
again spoke of the need to make "painful concessions" to the Palestinian Authority (PA) in talks surrounding the final status
borders. The only plan under consideration to reach that stage, he
said, is the US-brokered Road Map to Middle East Peace, which Sharon
praised for its reciprocal structure, with each step "contingent upon the successful completion of the previous one."[emphasis added]

So according to Sharon, Israel must make "painful concessions" to the PA, with each step contingent upon the previous one being completed successfully. This, of course, is what the world has been telling Israel for years...Just a thought.

One thing we no longer hear mentioned of course are the 14 Reservations in connection with the Road Map, with such requirements as

1. Both at the commencement of, and during the process, and as a condition to its continuance, calm will be maintained...

2. Full performance will be a condition for progress between phases and for progress within phases. The first condition for progress will be the complete cessation of terror, violence and incitement...

5. The character of the provisional Palestinian state will be determined through negotiations between the Palestinian Authority and Israel. The provisional state will have provisional borders and certain aspects of sovereignty, be fully demilitarized with no military forces, but only with police and internal security forces of limited scope and armaments...

6. In connection to both the introductory statements and the final settlement, declared references must be made to Israel's right to exist as a Jewish state and to the waiver of any right of return for Palestinian refugees to the State of Israel.

14. Arab states will assist the process through the condemnation of terrorist activity.

All forgotten.

Remember the story of the King and Prime Minister who discover that all the water in the kingdom has become poisoned and anyone who drinks it becomes mad? The Prime Minister tells the King that they must not drink the water, lest they come mad too along with everyone in the kingdom. The King says no--they must join their people. But the King and Prime Minister will put a mark on each other's forehead so that when they look at each other at least they will know they are mad.

But what good is it if you know you are mad and still keep acting like a madman?

The world has gone mad, rampant with the kind of hypocrisy that will come to haunt them too. And rather than fight the madness and demand that the Palestinian Arabs stop the terrorism and follow the Road Map--instead of this Sharon has taken it upon himself to take heretofore unimaginable measures that reek of madness and are slowly tearing the country apart.

Sharon starting "a liberal centrist party"?

Don't drink the water.

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Jack Steiner said...

Who would have guessed that Sharon would go this direction.

Daled Amos said...

According to Arutz7 (http://israelnn.com/news.php3?id=93505)

"Before forming the Likud, however, Sharon had another brilliant idea: form a party with MK Yossi Sarid, whose political views put him at the far left of the spectrum. According to Dov Shilanksy, Sharon has come full circle..."

May be that Sharon was going in this direction all along.