Thursday, December 22, 2005

Reuters Becomes a Caricature of Itself

Reuters has a short article on how Senators push to exclude Hamas from elections:
Seventy U.S. senators on Wednesday called on President George W. Bush to make it clear to Palestinian leaders that Hamas and other groups that the United States wants terrorist organizations to disarm or be banned from upcoming Palestinian elections.

...The Senate letter follows a resolution passed overwhelmingly last week by the House of Representatives that also urged the exclusion of Hamas from the January 25 parliamentary ballot.

The House resolution said Hamas' participation could undermine the ability of the United States to provide assistance to the Palestinian Authority.

...The senators said Bush should "press the Palestinian leaders to use the leverage they now have with these terrorist groups to insist that they adhere to a basic set of principles before they can run for political office."

In the absence of concrete and consistent action from President Bush, we can only hope that pressure from the Senate and the House can have a positive effect.

But it's the last line of the article that is absurd:
Hamas has grown in popularity among Palestinians for a corruption-free reputation, its extensive charity network and its role in suicide bombings and rocket attacks against Israel.
Apparently Reuters finds nothing particularly jarring about that last line. Hamas is just your everyday popular party--corruption-free, charitable, and they kill Jews in their spare time.

It's a balanced political platform.
Balanced--just like the media.

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