Friday, December 30, 2005

Haveil Havalim #50

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Welcome to Haveil Havalim #50

Next Week: Haveil Havalim #51
will be hosted by Shiloh Musings / Me-Ander
Her email address is: shilohmuse at yahoo dot com
She asks that you send this week's links to her about Chanukah, Israel, being Jewish, etc. before Shabbat.


SerandEz sends us to an 8-piece...ummm 8-candle Cute Chanukah Song

Elder of Ziyon is a font of giving: A real Chanukah present for Elder of Ziyon readers

Cross Currents tells the story of Chanuka — holiday of pluralism or holiday of truth?

Jewish Blogmeister reports that The world record for dreidel-spinning goes to...


Me-ander Spends Shabbos Alone and Shares a Devar Torah

Velveteen Rabbi discusses how clothes can make the man in Vayeshev: Torah and couture


NY's Funniest Rabbi writes about a minhag not in the Shulchan Aruch that gives a new meaning to Silent Night


A Whispering Soul has not forgotten Who By Birth: The Girl Who Never Fully Was

Me-ander marvels at the Small World and looks forward to meeting you in NY.

Soccer Dad writes about his family history in Arrival day

Being a Jew in America

SerandEz's sister-in-law points us to Dennis Prager's article on being called an Uncle Jake

SerandEz discusses a recent court ruling on the separation of Church and State and How the Court's Ruling Affects Religion

Eruv Online writes about The Hundredth-Year Anniversary of the First Eruv in New York 1905-2005

Jews on the Iraq War

Pillage Idiot discusses the Jewish approach to the Iraq war in A Reform Jewish dissenter on Iraq

Jewish Current writes that issues reviewed the resolution the Union of Reform Judaism sent to President Bush, and found that "as a religious document, it is an embarassment in What Would Maimonides Do?

Israel and Jews in the Media

AJHistory examines an episode of a popular TV show on NBC: Law and Order: The Speicher Chumash

Kesher Talk has a series of posts on Spielberg's Munich

Israeli History

Elder of Ziyon gives us an article by The prophet of 1949

Smooth Stone gives us some Photos of the Temple Mount (1877)

Israeli Politics

A Simple Jew writes about the Disillusionment Of A Likudnik

Shiloh Musings gives the rundown of the Likud elections in No Surprise

Blog Free writes about Ir Ha'emuna, founded by residents of the Gush Katif settlement of Atzmona.

Israeli Society

Israel Perspectives writes about the The Jewish Value of Partying!!!

Israel Perspectives asks Who's To Blame for the values of Israeli society

WestBankBlog writes on the dilemma posed by 2 pipe bombs in The squeeky settler gets more patrols

Blog Free writes about accounts of brutality by Israeli police in Storm Troopers with a link to video (does not come up in Firefox, but there is a link to download the file)


Bloghead writes how meanings get lost in translation in Farewell, poor Natbag*, I knew him well.....

jerusalem is the place to be writes about signs of the times in Is 58 years too late?

The Arab World

Critical Mastiff discusses how Wahhabis go beyond Karaites in Idolatries of the Muwahhidoun

Secular Blasphemy directs our attention to a Survey: Majority of Palestinians support al-Qaeda terrorism in Europe, US

Elder of Ziyon asks if there are Two sides to every story?

Daled Amos
thinks current events show how Al Aqsa Martyrs' Brigade Meets the TWU


NY's Funniest Rabbi has a list of Random Questions

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Jack Steiner said...

Nice job.

westbankmama said...

I count ten blogs that I haven't seen before (granted, I am new to the Jewish blogging scene, but still).

We should all thank Soccer Dad for implementing Havel Havelim.

And thank you, Daled Amos for including me this time.

Daled Amos said...

I would not have been able to do it without my wife, who let me seclude myself in the basement, and my daughter who let me use my computer.

Elder of Ziyon said...

Excellent round-up, and thanks for the mentions!

Batya said...

Thanks, you did a wonderful job!

Unknown said...

Excellent! :)

rabbi neil fleischmann said...

You've done an excellent job. Thanks for letting know - that email should be working again soon. Keep up the great work. Chanukah Sameach!

MC Aryeh said...

Great job! You had nothing to worry about!

Smooth said...

Daled, you've done a great job here and thank you for the mention. I had not heard of your site before so thank you for contacting me. I will be linking to you in a moment.