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Israel 2005: The Results Of The 'Truce'

Remember the truce agreed to by Sharon and Abbas on February 8, 2005 (see note) to end all acts of violence?

Based on the list at The Religion of Peace there were a total of 29 terrorist attacks in 2005 resulting in 57 deaths and 281 injuries. (see also the list at A History of Terrorism in Israel)

Counting just those terrorist attacks after the 'truce' there were 23 terrorist attacks in 2005 resulting in 46 deaths and 260 injuries.

And that does not even tell the whole story. Elder of Ziyon points out what is missing from this list.

In a year that Abbas couldn't stop Hamas from blowing up 21 and injuring 167 of their own people in 'work accidents', the truce was doomed from the start.

Here is a list of the attacks:

12/29/05IsraelTulkarm510A suicide bomber exits a taxi and detonates an explosives belt, killing an Israeli and four other Palestinians, including the taxi driver. Islamic Jihad takes credit.
12/16/05IsraelHebron11al-Aqsa fires on a passenger car carrying Israeli civilians, killing a 35-year-old man.
12/8/05IsraelKalandiya10A 20-year-old Israeli soldier is fatally stabbed in the neck by an al-Aqsa terrorist at a point of entry.
12/5/05IsraelNetanya547Five Israelis are murdered at the entrance to a shopping mall by a bomber from the militant group, 'Islamic Jihad'.
11/21/05IsraelMetulla012Eleven Israeli soldiers and one civilian are injured by a Hezbollah attack in northern Israel.
11/2/05IsraelKafr Mirka10An Israeli soldier is shot in the head by Palestinian gunmen while making an arrest. Soliders noticed suspicious movement nearby, but hesitated for fear of hitting civilians.
10/26/05IsraelHadera530A suicide bomber from Islamic Jihad murders five Israelis in front of a food stand in a public area.
10/16/05IsraelGush Etzion35Three Israeli civilians, two young women and a 14-year-old boy, are gunned down in cold blood while waiting by the side of the road. Five others are injured. al-Aksaclaimes credit for the child killings.
9/26/05IsraelRamallah10The body of an Israeli factory worker is found after he is kidnapped, tortured and killed by Hamas.
8/28/05IsraelBeersheba08Eight Israelis are hospitalized by a Fatah suicide bomber, including two guards that were seriously wounded.
8/25/05IsraelJerusalem11A Palestinian stabs two young ultra-orthodox Jews on the street, killing one of them and leaving the other badly injured.
8/3/05IsraelSderot19Palestinian terrorists fire a rocket at a group of Israeli demonstrators. The missile hits their own group instead, killing a 3-year-old boy and injuring nine others, including five children.
7/23/05IsraelKissufim25Palestinian gunmen murder an Israeli husband and wife. They also open fire on medical rescue workers, injuring five of them.
7/14/05IsraelNetiv Haasara11Palestinian terrorists hit an Israeli residence with a missile,killing a woman.
7/12/05IsraelNetanya570The terror group, Islamic Jihad, takes credit for a suicide bombing, in which a bomber kills five Jews crossing the street in front of a mall. All of the victims were female, two were teenage girls. About seventy others were injured.
6/29/05IsraelMt. Dov13Hezbollah attacks an Israeli position from across the Lebanese border, killing one and injuring three.
6/25/05IsraelBeit Hagai23A brutal shooting attack a point-blank range on a group of Israeli teenagers, hitchhiking on a roadside, leaves a 17-year-old and a 16-year-old dead. Three others were injured. al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade take credit for the murder.
6/20/05IsraelBaqa al-Sharqiya11Palestinian snipers kill an Israeli civilian traveling in his car. His 13-year-old son is shot as well.
6/19/05IsraelGaza12The Palestinian terrorist group, Abu Rish Brigade, takes credit for an ambush on a civilian labor group that leaves an Israeli guard dead.
6/7/05IsraelGanei Tal30Islamic Jihad bomb an Israeli greenhouse, killing three, including a Chinese worker.
5/1/05IsraelTzieda11Islamic Jihad kills a 21-year-old Israeli soldier.
3/7/05IsraelHebron02Two Israelis are wounded by a Palestinian sniper.
2/25/05IsraelTel Aviv549Three weeks after a truce-signing, a Palestinian suicide bomber kills five Israelis outside a nightclub. Forty-nine others in line areinjured.
1/18/05IsraelSderot1117-year-old Israeli girl dies trying to protect her 10-year-old brother from a Hamas rocket attack (on 1-15).
1/18/05IsraelGush Katif17Palestinian suicide bomber murders a father of three and injures seven others.
1/13/05IsraelKarni Crossing64Three Palestinian suicide bombers infiltrate the security wall, via an explosion, and murder six Israelis. Four others are wounded.
1/12/05IsraelMorag13Palestinians use explosives and arms fire to murder an Israeli officer in the process of constructing a security fence.
1/9/05IsraelShebaa Farms13An Israeli officer is killed, and three others injured, in a Hezbollah rocket attack along the Lebanese border.
1/7/05IsraelNablus13An Israeli motorist is killed by a Palestinian sniper. Three others are injured, two critically.

Note: Just when did this truce take effect? The world media trips all over themselves telling us when:

Daily Times (Pakistan): February 26, 2005: Palestinian officials will meet militant leaders in Cairo on March 5 to discuss whether the factions will formalise their de facto truce with Israel, officials and militants said on Friday. The Palestinian Authority and Israel agreed a ceasefire at a summit in Egypt on Feb. 8. But the armed groups say they are not bound by it, though they continue to maintain calm.

New York Times: March 18 2005:Palestinian Factions Agree to Extend Truce With Israel...Palestinian factions agreed Thursday to extend an informal truce through the rest of the year, adding momentum to recent efforts to end four and a half years of fighting.

The 13 Palestinian factions meeting near Cairo stopped short of declaring a complete cease-fire. They also set conditions on their offer that Israel is unlikely to meet fully, saying they would observe "the current atmosphere of calm in return for an Israeli commitment to stop all forms of aggression against our land and the Palestinian people and also the freeing of all prisoners."

China Daily: March 19, 2005: Israel backs temporary Palestinian truce--
Israel on Friday welcomed a temporary truce declared by Palestinian militants and promised to hold its fire in return, but demanded that the Palestinian Authority eventually dismantle the armed groups.
The 13 main Palestinian militant groups announced Thursday [so truce starts on March 17, 2005] they would halt attacks on Israel for the rest of the year, so far the longest period of promised calm and a success for Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas. Negotiating with the militants, rather than confronting them, is a cornerstone of Abbas' policies.

If on March 7 there were still terrorist attacks, in addition to the rockets being fired into Israel from Gaza, then there really was no 'informal" truce and obviously the truce was not "extended"--the original truce was a sham and the 'extension' means nothing. The whole truce was a sham from the start--a sham created by terrorists and perpetuated by the media. (back to top)

see also A Year of Islamist Terror: The Numbers

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Linda Sue O'Grady said...

Actually, there were 25 attacks, there are two attacks missing from the list:

Jan 2, 2005 - Nissim Arbiv, 25, of Nissanit in the Gaza Strip was mortally wounded in a mortar shell attack while working in the Erez Industrial Zone. He died of his wounds on January 11. Two others were wounded in the attack, for which Hamas claimed responsibility.

Jan 15, 2005 - Ayala-Haya (Ella) Abukasis, 17, of Sderot was mortally wounded when a Qassam rocket landed near her and shrapnel penetrated her cerebellum, leaving her brain dead. She was struck while protecting her younger brother, who was lightly wounded. Kept on life support throughout the week, her parents agreed to stop treatment when doctors told them there was no chance of recovery. She died on January 21.

I maintain a list of attacks on Israeli soil that result in death or injury. It can be viewed here:

Daled Amos said...

I saw your comment on my post at Israpundit and added a link to you on my original post on

Thank you for the correction.