Sunday, February 26, 2006

Haveil Havalim #59

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Deja vu needs your help because the Last Jewish Synagogue in Tajikistan is Being Destroyed

Vos Iz Neias uncovers a possible Kashrus issue in the vaccination of birds against the Avian flu virus

The Path To The Knesset, wants you to know that Townhall Meetings have begun.

Psycho Toddler will be making a siyum!

me-ander invites you to the Second Kosher Cooking Carnival

Jews in the news--or should be

Crossing The Rubicon quotes from a Caroline Glick article about the story of the murder of Ilan Halimi

The Ignoble experiment examines how Jonathan Pollard is a convenient symbol, but a very inconvenient person.

My Right Word writes about the many facets of the life of Barney Ross

House of Joy relates how the death of Mr. R. reveals a story of a special man and family


A Simple Jews asks--and gets an answer--on why the source of "Minyan" is rooted in failure

Jewish Blogmeister, reveals a possible battle of the Minyan Websites.

Pillage Idiot reveals some of the things he has learned through "Kaddish bonding"


The Ignoble Experiment recounts the difficulty of choosing between Israel and the US upoon leaving Russia

Elie's Expositions remembers his father on his 75th birtday.

AbbaGav recounts a childhood episode that illustrates the limitations of appeasement

The Ignoble Experiment shares her thoughts about her grandmother's unveiling


IRIS explains why Israel's announcement that no more money will be paid to Hamas is not true.

Centrerion corrects some misconceptions about Hamas

Greetings from the French Hill discusses the reason why she thinks the Russians are meeting with Hamas and dealing with Iran despite Israel and the West's objections

Israel Matzav, explains how Israel is playing a fool’s game with Hamas.

Israel Matzav, notices you'll have to wait in line if you want to fund Hamas.

Jewish Matters

Elms in the Yard shares her discovery of The Museum of Psalms

Reb Chaim HaQoton examines the meaning of Tzara'as

Daled Amos has a post on HaTikvah: Rav Kook and Al Jolson

Israel has some ideas--good and bad

Shiloh Musings notes that there are things in Israel that make no sense

Life in Israel, shows us how Israel is creating new and strong Zionists.

Israel Matzav, writes about new reforms planned for Hesder and the consequences.

Israel Perspectives writes about Meretz's new definition of "Who is a Jew"

Meryl Yourish points out that Israel's Foreign Ministry is VBlogging

Mere Rhetoric is back and explains why Disengagement is still probably a good idea

Miriam's Ideas has a suggestion for the CIA on a sure-fire way to find Osama

Perspectives of a Nomad notes Israel is contemplating withholding aid to Palestinians for Avian Flu

Media Bias

Mensa Barbie guides us to the power of the media via Pallywood

Treppenwitz is fed up with the infantilization of the Palestinians

Simply Jews write about the Jewish infiltration of Al Jazeera and The Muslim Weekly

Mystery achievement takes a look at Robert Novaks' source for an anti-Israel article

Adloyada discusses how the BBC soft soaps Holocaust denier again

SerandEz points out another example of media bias

Other Bias

Smooth Stone writes about the importance of knowing your enemy--and he has a list.

Soccer Dad points notes Israel Apartheid Week

Elder of Ziyon notes whom some are blaming for the destruction of a major mosque

Olympic Coverage (sort of)

westbankblog hosts her own Olympic event.


Jewish Blogmeister has inspired someone to blog?.

Judeopundit finds the rhyme--if not the reason--in why bloggers are frum

Jews Living in Israel

If You Will It shares a Wednesday

Life in Israel, wonders why people are so negative.

Shiloh Musing shares her experience that makes her feel safer on El Al

Jews Living in the US

phishaliyah, is searching for an orange kippah.

Because I'm in my twenties is not impressed by Jewish migration patterns

The View from Europe

Mystery Achievement shares a translation of an article by a Spanish Catholic, entitled"All European life died in Auschwitz" (more info on the author of the article here)

The Reality Show thinks that in the UK, opinion may be turning against Muslims

Cross-Currents has some thoughts about the Danish cartoons by Jonathan Rosenblum

ConservaJew points out why it's important we have Israel

In Israel: Investigations and Defenses

Zion Report notes that there will be an investigation into what happened at Amona--and Kadima is not happy.

Life in Israel, writes about a defense that can only be used in Israel.

The US and Jews/Israel

The Astute Blogger has an idea on why Lawrence Summers resigned from Harvard

Boker Tov, Colorada notices an unexpected guest at the swearing in of the Palestinian Legislative Council

Listed at the Truth Laid Bare Ubercarnival.

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