Tuesday, February 19, 2008

2 New Yahoo Newsgroups: Global Torah / Acts of Goodness and Kindness

From an email:
Just over one week ago, two new Yahoogroups were started for the
Jewish community.

1. Global Torah
2. Acts of Goodness and Kindness

The response so far has been fantastic - for just one week of
advertising - with 16 people joining Global Torah (all over the world)
and 38 people joining Goodness and Kindness - again from various parts
of the world!

Global Torah is all about finding a Chavrusa to learn with - anywhere
in the world, and making use of the Internet to meet if necessary. One
can also use it to advertise one's teaching services - or find a
teacher to help one learn Torah.

Goodness and Kindness is exactly what it says! It's a group devoted
specifically for acts of goodness and kindness of any kind, whether
material or spiritual, which you can offer to another Jew in need - no
matter where they be in the world and no matter how small the gift!

For those already joined, please do make postings - on both!

For those not yet members, please check out the groups and sign up
now! We'd all love to have you onboard in both these projects!

See: Global Torah: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/globaltorah/

Acts of Goodness and Kindness:

Rabbi Eliyahu Shear

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