Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Running (Half a Marathon) for Sderot - Join Us !

From an email:
Running (Half a Marathon) for Sderot - Join Us !

On March 27th 2008, Team Connections will participate in the 16th Jerusalem
Half Marathon with all proceeds going to the families of Sderot.

Team Connections is the endurance sports training and fundraising program,
benefiting the Connections Israel organization. The program is a fantastic
way to get in shape, train and join a great group of people who care about
the future of Israel. Team Connections Israel members commit to raise money
which helps alleviate the suffering of victims of terrorism in Israel.

We invite you to run through the wonderful and magnificent scenery of

It has already been said in the Scriptures that one should "mount to
Jerusalem", the city of glory.

Join hundreds of dedicated runners who yearly come to the luminous city of
Jerusalem and enjoy its clear air, impressive history, ambiance and

For more info visit: http://runforsderot.connectionsisrael.com/


Adi Friedman
Managing Director
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