Sunday, August 14, 2011

After Giffords and Norway, Why Is The Threat Against Lieberman's Life Played Down?

One month after the shootings in Norway and 8 months after Congresswomen Giffords was shot, one would think that the media would be sensitive to what appears to be a developing pattern.

But you would be wrong.

An IT specialist, graduate of the University of Michigan grad, with a job with one of the premier consulting firms in the world threatened US Senator Joe Lieberman--"that's one Jew we must shoot in the face, many times."

And virtually none of the major media pick up the story.

As Z Street notes: Shoot the Jewish Senator in the Face: Not News?:

If a Jew -- and a senior-ranking US Senator at that -- is targeted with violence and nobody bothers to report it, does it still count as news? 
Well, that's what happened. Dmitry Dyatlov, a 23 year-old Philadelphia resident originally from Uzbekistan, wrote in his rambling and frequently offensive personal blog that although watching a Rammstein (Teutonic eurometal rock band) concert is so great it's even "better than killing Jews," that "there is, at least, one Jew, who we absolutely must shoot in the face (many times), ASAP: Joe Lieberman." In addition to his being Jewish, Dyatlov "hates" Lieberman, he wrote, because he is "liberal," doesn't like two of Dyatlov's musical idols (both of whom are ultra-liberal), and because he finds it to be a threat that Lieberman is on the Senate Homeland Security Committee.

What else does Dyatlov put up to the peephole of the Internet? On "Competitive Collaboration" his blog (which was still online as of this writing), he wrote that Adolf Hitler was really just an artist who used blood instead of paint, and anyway he did that because "some stupid Jews" stifled his ambition.
It's not as if the media was totally blind to the significance of what Dyatlov was saying--the Philadelphia papers carrying the story deliberately cropped the story in the same way in order to play down the significance of what Dyatlov threatened to do.

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