Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Photo: Mezuzah On The Door Of A Kosher Japanese Restaurant

Forwarded to me by a friend

I looked around and also found the world's largest mezuzah:
Director of the International exhibition of calligraphy Mr Alexey Shaburov came back from the Promised Land and brought a marvelous news: a unique artifact will beautify the museum’s collection. The rare art piece is the World's largest Mezuzah created by a famous Hebrew calligrapher Avraham Borshevsky.

The biggest Mezuzah was recognized a national chef-d’oeuvre by spiritual authorities and leading academicians of Israel. It is the only contemporary Mezuzah registered by the World Records Book.

The good news is that unlike humus, Lebanon is unlikely to compete in making the largest mezuzah.

When it comes to claiming something as theirs, the Lebanese tend to stick to humus--and underwater gas deposits.

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