Thursday, August 18, 2011

More Information From The IDF On Today's Palestinian Terrorist Attack

Here is a summary of a briefing.

An IDF briefing today discussed what is being described as a multi-layered attack by a
terrorist squad that infiltrated from Gaza, a complex attack against Israelis starting with an attack on an Israeli civilian bus.

The first attack was on a civilian bus heading from Shizafon to Eilat, the most southern city in Israel, approximately 20km north of Eilat. The bus was targeted with heavy fire which resulted in injuries.

The second incident took place not too far from the first incident. At the second incident, an IED was activated towards a vehicle, which also resulted in some injuries.

There was also an exchange of fire between IDF forces and the terrorist squad. Seven of the terrorists were targeted.

Other details:

  • The IDF engaged in an exchange of fire with the terrorist squad. There is also intelligence information that doesn't leave a doubt that they were terrorists from Gaza.

  • There is a planned security fence in the area on the border between Israel and Egypt--but onlya few kilometers have been built

  • There is currently no information being given out about the organization the terrorists came from. It can be confirmed that seven were hit.

  • The exchange of fire is still ongoing--it is not finished yet. The roads were closed by the Israel Police because the situation isn't terminated yet.

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