Tuesday, August 16, 2011

How Bad Is The Situation In Gaza? They Are Sending Aid To Somalia!

We are all familiar with the videos and pictures of the hotels, malls and amusement park in Gaza, disproving the complaint that Gaza is an open-air prison.

Videos like this one:

Now there is another indication that conditions are not what the self-proclaimed human rights activists are saying--Gaza is now sending aid to Somalia:

In another sign that the humanitarian crisis in Gaza isn't all it is said to be, Gazans are sending aid to Somalia.

Imams in mosques in the Gaza strip mentioned Somalia during Friday prayers last week and asked Gazans to donate to their brothers there.
Moreover, the Arab Doctors Union Gaza branch ran a campaign asking the people of Gaza to donate to people of Somalia.

...The charity campaign underscores the fact that Gaza is swimming in surplus aid from an international community willing to underwrite the national aspirations of Fatah and Hamas to the extent that their enclaves have become transit points, rather than a destination, for aid.
But why send money to Somalia when Hamas can put the money to good use closer to home?

Apparently, there is one flotilla boat left:
The Nour al-Haqiqa (Light of Truth), is a fine vessel, the largest in the Flotilla (not including the Mavi Marmara). It is approximately 40 meters in length and licensed to carry 120 passengers and crew for overnight travel.

The Nour is currently berthed in a secure location where it can receive fuel, provisions and servicing. Unfortunately, however, we have been unsuccessful until now in finding a country in the Mediterranean that will allow our passengers to go on board. In addition, there is a technical matter (not mechanical) to be resolved, which makes it difficult to move the vessel.

...We're broke!

Our share of the boat purchase ($6000 per person), plus all the other costs of organizing and bringing our delegation to Athens has completely exhausted our funds. In the past, donors have quickly replenished our coffers after we set to sea and began to report on our experiences.

This time we have had no such opportunity - yet - and we don't even have enough funds to attend strategy meetings, much less to send a delegation if and when the opportunity arises. We don't even have operating funds for more than two weeks, which affects other projects besides the Flotilla.

Please help to keep us going.
I think it would be a wonderful gesture if Hamas would provide the funding to the flotilla that would enable the flotilla to bring aid to Gaza.

Hat tip: P. David Hornik

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