Monday, August 15, 2011

UNRWA Suspends Some Services To West Bank

UNRWA claims it has been receiving threats:
UNRWA suspended its operations in the Jenin area refugee camps following allegation of threats received by its staff. It said that while it was suspending services as of Friday in most of its offices, this will not affect the health services.
As expected, the Arabs are denying the charge. Adnan Hindi, head of the popular services committee in Jenin refugee camp, is saying UNRWA's decision is unjustified.

Hindi instead is focusing on the impact UNRWA's decision will have on the Arabs employed by UNRWA. Apparently there are 14,000 will be unemployed if UNRWA follows through on suspending services in the Jenin area.

I imagine though that for UNRWA, depending on the nature of the threats, the lives of UNRWA staff comes before Arab employment.

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