Monday, August 15, 2011

Iran To Build Military Base In Syria--Will Insure It Can Send Arms Against Protesters Without Interference

After Iran lectured Great Britain that it should avoid violence in restoring order in reaction to the riots, Iran again demonstrates that it was just talk.

The Telegraph reports that
Iran agrees to fund Syrian military base:Iran has agreed to fund a new multi-million-dollar military base on the Syrian coast to make it easier to ship weapons and other military hardware between the two countries, according to Western intelligence reports.

Under the terms of the deal, which was concluded after a high-level Syrian delegation visited Tehran, Iran is to assist with the development of a new military compound at Latakia airport which will be completed by the end of next year. The aim of the agreement is to open a supply route that will enable Iran to transfer military hardware directly to Syria.
It has been reported Iran has been sending riot control equipment andl as intelligence monitoring techniques as well as oil to Damascus to help Mr Assad put an end to the protests that have rocked Syria. However, those efforts have suffered setbacks because of Turkey, which has intercepted arms that Iran has been sending to Syria.

The new military base may be Iran's effort to prevent Turkey from interfering with Iran's arming of Syria.

No doubt Iran will continue to talk out against violence in Great Britain and praise Syrian "reforms," but the effort by Iran to help it's major ally Syria quash the protests is obvious.

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