Monday, June 11, 2012

Hamas Welcomes You To The Gaza City Kindergarten Graduation

Challah Hu Akbar has pictures from the kindergarten graduating class in Gaza City, where Palestinian Kindergarten Promotes “Resistance & Jihad”.

Aren't they cute?

In the background you can see the proud, caring parents taking pictures, to immortalize the proud moment.

Challah Hu Akbar notes:
One of the children is quoted as saying "When I grow up I will be working in Islamic Jihad's Al-Quds Brigades, and I will resist the Zionist enemy and fire rockets at it until I die a martyr." The same child says that he loves "the resistance" and hopes to "kill" Zionists.
Check out the other photos from the Palestinian graduation.

This of course is nothing new.
Brian of London has a post from last year, contrasting parties for Israel and Arab children.

Can you spot which is which?

Why does the media ignore the brainwashing of young Palestinian children?

Why does the media ignore Arab child abuse in the Middle East, in the same way it ignores sexual abuse and persecution of Christians?

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