Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Video: Persian Israeli Singer Rita Jahanforuz: Goodwill Ambassador To Iran

I don't usually go to the Wall Street Journal to find out the latest in Israeli music, but there you have it: Iran and Israel Can Agree on This: Rita Jahanforuz Totally Rocks:
Music-loving Iranians craving nostalgic Persian songs of a bygone era, or the upbeat dance music that is banned in their Islamic state, have new darling: Rita, the Israeli singing sensation.

Rita Jahanforuz, 50 years old, is Israel's most famous female singer—and suddenly she's big in Iran. Iranian-born and fluent in Persian, Rita, as she is universally known, moved to Israel as a child and has lived there ever since. Her latest album, "All My Joys," revives old-time Persian hits, giving them an upbeat Mediterranean flavor that caters to the Israeli ear.

The album went gold in Israel in just three weeks, despite being sung entirely in Persian. It also propelled Rita onto the music scene in Iran, where she was all but unknown outside of Iran's small Jewish population.
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Here is the video of Rita Jahanforuz, whom Iranian state-controlled news refers to as Israel's "soft weapon"

If you are looking for her Facebook page, Rita Jahanforuz is listed on Facebook under Rita Yahan-Farouz

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