Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Khatami Provides The Logic For US To Attack Iran

James Taranto at The Best of the Web connects the dots between the logic of Hezbollah attacking Israel....and the US attacking Iran, thanks to former Iranian President Mohammed Khatami:
Khatami: Thumbs Up on Attacking Iran
"On the eve of the fifth anniversary of the September 11 attacks, former Iranian President Mohammed Khatami condemned Osama bin Laden and suicide bombing but also defended groups such as Hezbollah for what he characterized as resistance against Israeli colonialism," the Associated Press reports from Harvard, where Khatami spoke last night.

But wait a minute. Hezbollah is from Lebanon, a country from which Israel withdrew in 2000. The only place Israel can be said to be practicing "colonialism" is in the West Bank, a Palestinian area.

Khatami's argument, then, is that it is legitimate for party A (in this case Hezbollah) to attack party B (Israel) because of Party B's conflict with Party C (the Palestinians).

By this reasoning, it would be acceptable for America to attack Iran because of Iran's threats against Israel.
Of course by that logic, the US could start off with Hezbollah itself.

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