Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Putting the "J" in JBlogging

Jewbiquitous addresses the issue of JBlogging responsibly--a particularly appropriate topic this time of year, and the rest of the year as well.

They touch on, and link to, some of the issues involved, including a post in 2005 by the bloggers of Jewschool and Jewlicious who together created the Jewish Bloggers Campaign for Responsible Speech Online. They urge that bloggers
be mindful before pressing the “Publish” button and that they ask this consideration from their site’s contributors — both other bloggers on their site and visitors. Ask yourself before posting, “Is what I’ve written a kiddush Hashem...

This campaign may not save the Jewish world from autocannibalism, but it may make the Jewish blogosphere a more welcoming, informative and enjoyable forum, and perhaps encourage some greater degree of Jewish unity despite the differences between us.
There is also a small banner that you can put on your blog.

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Annie said...

Thanks for the link to us, Harley and I agree that the aseret yimei tshuva is an important time to think about ones actions, especially as they reflect upon us personally and the Jewish people as a whole.

I just wanted to point out that both Harley and I are female.

Daled Amos said...

I corrected the post accordingly.
Thank you for linking to my posting of Mr. Rosenblum's article as well.

Annie said...

My pleasure.

Yael said...

Dear Daled, Maybe it's just me, but I must say I look with skepticism on anything having to do with the Jewschool blog, ever since its editor made a "tallit" out of a Fatah keffiyeh.

harley said...


I'm not sure if you're aware, but Jewschool's mission statement ( openly states Mobius's intention to frame a radical, political argument through his collaborative blog. I understand that the act of making a tallit out of a keffiyeh is inflammatory, but the views represented in Jewschool are an important part of the Jewish dialogue. Regardless of whether one may disagree with Mobius politically, it may benefit everyone if the contents of Jewschool and other blogs presenting marginalized views are seriously regarded as part of a valid conversation about Judaism and politics.

Soccer Dad said...

While I don't know if it was in the context of Jewschool, Moebius, a few months ago agitated for a number of religious bloggers to condemn a young man for killing his infant son.

The case has since fallen apart. Has Moebius gone to the young man to ask forgiveness?

I agree with Yael. He is beyond the pale and insincere.