Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Suing Terrorists: A Tactic That Is Being Worn Down?

Hat Tip: Israel Matzav

Back in August, The New York Sun carried the story Arab Bank Asks Judge To Dismiss Suit Accusing It of Funding Terror

Lawyers for the bank said that the 4,000 foreign citizens who are plaintiffs should not be allowed to have their case heard in the American court system. They argued that terrorism against Israel does not violate any "international norm." Lawyers for the bank said that some 80 countries, most Islamic or African, do not consider Palestinian Arab suicide bombers to be terrorists.

Now, The New York Sun reports that in Chicago, a judge has found that Hamas is a political party.

On Friday, a federal judge in Chicago ruled that defense attorneys for two men accused of handling Hamas's financial affairs here, Abdelhaleem Ashqar and Muhammad Salah, may tell jurors about the vote in January that gave the group a majority in the Palestinian Arab parliament.

Judge Amy St. Eve said she agreed with lawyers for Mr. Ashqar that the electoral victory "is relevant because it demonstrates that Hamas engages in legitimate political and social measures." The judge also said Hamas's role in the Palestinian Arab government could support Mr. Ashqar's contention "that the money he donated went to the legitimate purpose of consensus building and campaigning, rather than terrorist activities."

Originally, the idea of suing terrorists seemed like such a powerful idea--the only problem seemed to be trying to collect.

Now the cynicism and ignorance that is rampant in the media has found its way into the courtroom as well.

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