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Iran Does Not Take It Well When US Kidnaps Their People

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Iran does not seem to be take this at all well when one of their ambassadors in Iraq is kidnapped:
Both Iraqi and Swiss ambassadors to Tehran were summoned to Foreign Ministry Tuesday in protest at kidnapping of second Secretary of the Iranian Embassy in Baghdad, Jalal Sharafi.

Following the terrorist abduction on Sunday of Iranian diplomat, the two ambassadors were summoned to the Foreign Ministry to hear Iranian protest against the action which runs counter with Geneva Convention.

Swiss Embassy looks after the US interest section in Tehran.

Witnesses said that US troops were involved in abduction of Iranian diplomat.

Not all the details are clear, but it's interesting--decades later--to see the reaction of Iran when they claim the US is behind the kidnapping of one of their people.

All we need now is for Jimmy Carter to come out and make a public statement.

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Anonymous said...

I'm not sure that the whole anti-iran thing is worth it.

I know what their president says but I think thats just for the Arab public. Now if the Saudis are worried about the Iranians well then there must be something good about these guys.

If there is an actual arc inspiring islamic terror that would really have to be the Arab states and Pakistan.

Iran has always thought of itself as Persian first and Muslim later.
I think that is a good thing for the rest of the world.

No nukes of course. But given that sunni pakistan hates them you can see why they want them. Somehow I doubt Israel is a real reason. There would be too much to loose on either side in a nuclear exchange. Remember Ahmadinejad has no say in foreign policy.

But shoudl musharraf go, pakistan looks dicey and anyone in the neighbourhood is threatened. (That's "Hindu" India, "Shia" Iran and "It's our backyard" Afghanistan)

Daled Amos said...

Iran has always thought of itself as Persian first and Muslim later.

That would be the key, if that is accurate. Even if that were true of the Iranians in general, it is not true of the leadership, which is where it counts when you are talking about nuclear capabilities.

The general Iranian population, Persian or Muslim, has no intention of giving up on their 'right' to nuclear power either.

Pakistan may be a threat too, but it is Iran that is influencing events in Lebanon, Israel, and Iraq.

Anonymous said...

That would be the key, if that is accurate.

I think it is. I don't know if you heard the "I take back the interview" interview with Chirac but i think it is reflective of world opinion in general.

The real danger in Iran going nuclear is not that it would be used against Israel. Tehran would be in cinders a few seconds after launch was detected. I think the real danger is in that this would lead the Saudis and the Egyptians to go nuclear.

The arab world looks on it as a "Shia" Bomb. It is imperative we recognize the wedge and use it.
It is very likely the only chance we'll have for some time.

Chirac's Speech

Anonymous said...

Sorry about the multiple comments but something i just read caught my eye and thought you might find it interesting.

"Sunni clerics have stepped up their preaching against Shiites recently, declaring them again to be infidels."
---- New York Times

Go Figure!

Daled Amos said...

Tehran would be in cinders...

Perhaps, but Ahmadinejad is a fundamentalist who may not be dissuaded by such niceties:

According to Shi’te orthodoxy humans may not force or hasten the return of the Imam, but the Hojjateiehs a group of which Ahmadinejad is a member, opine that humans may stir up chaos to encourage his return. With his recent rhetoric vowing for the destruction of Israel, demanding deportation of the Jews to Europe and denying the Holocaust that the President seems to be doing just that. In fact, his messianic axiom of the Twelfth Imam and the subsequent suppression of the forces of evil [modern day US, UK, Israel and many other nations] is central to Ahmadinejad’s foreign policy.

I've read that Iranian leaders have claimed that Iran is big enough that it can afford to take a nuclear hit from Israel and still wipe her out.

I don't know that the threat of nuclear retaliation is a deterrent when it comes to Iran.

Anonymous said...

Not much Chance of Jimmy commenting, when ever there's a embassy hostage situation, he does nothing but think about it for 444 days.

Shalom Aaron

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