Monday, February 05, 2007

Where They Allow Wreaths, But Not Mezzuzahs

From The South Florida Sun-Sentinel:
Lauderdale Condo Bans Religious Symbol on Doorposts

Laurie Richter says Jewish law requires her to attach a mezuzah to her doorpost.

But the board that runs The Port condominium, in the 1800 block of Southeast 17th Street, says displaying the 5-inch-long case with a religious message inside violates the condo documents and has ordered it removed.

Because wreaths were allowed on doors during Christmas, Richter accuses her board of discrimination.

"I don't want to be causing any rifts here so Christians can't hang wreaths, but it seems the rights of Jewish people are being violated because Christians don't have to hang wreaths but we have to hang mezuzahs," she said.

The association that runs the 16-story, 129-unit condo cites the bylaws that prohibit owners and occupants from attaching, hanging, affixing or displaying anything on the exterior walls, doors, balconies, railings and windows of the building.
The fact that, despite the bylaws being quoted, wreaths are allowed while mezzuzahs are not does seem to smack of discrimination. As you'd expect, the Anti-Defamation League has been called in, and has decided to take a soft approach.
She has demanded the Anti-Defamation League take action, but Art Teitelbaum, its Miami-based southern area director, suggested the two sides work together.

"It's clear from daily experience in Broward County condos that this is an issue that is resolvable without causing bruised feelings or any diminishing of the quality of life in condos," he said.
If this issue can be resolved without making a big deal out of the whole issue, that of course would be best.

I wonder if they have an eruv in the area?

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Unknown said...

If they dont have an Eruv, I volunteer to help build one

Mottel said...

While I don't think this is blatant Antisemitism, it does come of rather oddly . . . the only problem is when we blow these things up and become the boy that cried wolf.

Daled Amos said...

It may be a more 'nuanced' antisemitism. Then again, it might just be a simple lack of consideration or lack of sensitivity.

I guess we'll just have to wait before we send out our rioting hordes calling for beheadings.

Batya said...

How can you put an quantative adjective by anti-semitism?
Either it is or it isn't, and this sounds like it is, especially when you look at the size and annoyance factor.

Daled Amos said...

I'm not dismissing the significance of what they are doing, but unlike Moslems who are given the latitude to make an issue of any situation without facing any consequences, we have to be more selective in our response.

That does not mean that we ignore the situation, but I'm willing to let TPTB take a crack at resolving this peaceably before applying more pressure.

That doesn't mean we have to wait indefinitely. There is a more recent article in the Jerusalem Post that has more details on the legal aspect.