Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Arab World Won't Take Kindly To Obama's New Pastor

News of Fatah's waning trust in Obama coincides with reports of his new pastor--Carey Cash, a US Navy chaplain:

He is the great-nephew of the singer Johnny Cash and the brother of a former Miss America.

As the chaplain assigned to Camp David, the presidential retreat, the Rev Cash has found himself ministering to Mr Obama.

According to the Washington Post, Mr Obama has praised him for delivering "as powerful a sermon as I've heard in a while", adding: "I really think he's excellent." [emphasis added]
Apparently, Obama figured that after the Reverend Wright debacle, he had found a respite.

On second thought, maybe not:
Mr Obama, whose father was a Muslim and who spoke in Cairo in June of "civilisation's debt to Islam" and its "proud tradition of tolerance" is unlikely to want to be associated with some of the sentiments contained in Rev Cash's 2004 memoir about how a US Marine battalion "experienced God's presence amidst the chaos of the war in Iraq".

In the book, the Rev Cash states that "extremist manifestations, such as the actions of suicide bombers and crazed gunmen, don't arise out of thin air". Rather: "They are part of a religious tradition that from its very birth has used the edge of the sword as a means to convert or conquer those with different religious convictions." [emphasis added]
Oh well, here we go again:
The White House, intensely wary of another "preacher problem" developing, strenuously denies the suggestion that the Rev Cash is Mr Obama's pastor, pointing out that the president did not choose him.
How soon before Obama will deny being in attendance during Rev. Cash's more controversial sermons?

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