Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A Preview Of Abbas's Palestinian (Police) State

According to The Daily Mail:
British police and intelligence officers sent to tackle UK-funded torturers on West Bank

The Government is sending British police and intelligence officers to the West Bank to try to stop a wave of brutal torture by Palestinian security forces funded by UK taxpayers.

Their mission is to set up and train a new ‘internal affairs’ department with sweeping powers to investigate abuse and bring torturers to justice.
The department is being paid for by Britain, with an initial planning budget of £100,000 – a sum set to soar as it becomes established.

So in addition to the millions in funds that the West is supplying to support the various aspects of the regime of the 'moderate' Abbas, now the West has to help reign in the 'police' force it is helping to create.

This of course raises the question of where those security forces will turn when they run out of fellow Palestinians to torture and abuse.

And what of the 1,600 members of Abbas's National Security Force and Presidential Guard which have undergone U.S.-funded training since January 2008 with Lieutenant General Keith Dayton--are they under tighter control?

And what does this say about what a future Palestinian state on the West Bank would look like?
Apparently not much different than one in Gaza.

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